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Do something great and become a breath teacher! Watch the video below to listen in on a conversation between different breath teachers on how teaching the breath is changing their lives and bettering the lives of others. Apply for Breath Teacher Certification HERE.

Why You Should Become a Breath Teacher

Manage your anger and calm down with this breathing technique. Watch the video below to take control of your anger management issues, soothe a temper tantrum and ease your frustration.

How to Breathe for Anger

Fight your fears and gain courage with this breathing technique. Watch the video below to learn and breathe along.

How to Breathe for Fear and Courage

Feel better fast! Watch the video below to learn 3 breathing techniques to relieve the symptoms of your flu and cold virus.

How to Breathe for the Flu and Colds

Confidence can be hard to come by. Watch the video below to learn a breathing technique to boost your confidence!

How to Breathe for Confidence

Watch the video below to learn a breathing technique to help relieve your asthma.

How to Breathe for Asthma

Watch the video below to learn a breathing technique to help relieve COPD and slow its progression.

How to Breathe for COPD

Watch the video below for the best ways to breathe while running!

How to Breathe While Running

Watch the 2 videos to help stop your panic attacks and soothe your anxiety.

How to Stop Panic Attacks and Breathe for Anxiety

Your breath has the power to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Use the breathing techniques in the 2 videos below to help you fall asleep in a natural, feel good kind of way! Comment on the videos to ask any questions and share how they worked for you. Also be sure to checkout […]

Breathing Technique for Sleep

Is Breathwork One Word? Is breath work two words? Breathwork or breath work? It depends. Learn exactly when to use Breathwork as one word and when to use breath work as two words. Want to learn more about breath? Join our Breath Technique Training where you’ll learn over 60 different breathing techniques. All online, lifetime […]

Is Breathwork One Word?

Watch these videos to be guided through a wide range of different breathing techniques. Visit the Breath Guidance YouTube channel to learn more about your breath and the power it holds! Please like, share and SUBSCRIBE to help us share the beauty and potential of breath.

Guided Breath Classes

This How To Breathe For COVID-19 3-part video series will show you the best 6 breathing techniques you can use during the COVID-19 uncertainties.  These include prevention, treatment and recovery. We hope that you’re as safe and healthy as you can be right now.  Please share this video series with your community so that anyone […]

How To Breathe For COVID-19

Here’s a video conversation on Death + Breath. Be sure to also read the article below the video. Many people are afraid of death and some say it’s the ultimate fear.  While in some cultures around the world, it’s revered as a liberating part of life. When I went deep into my Pranayama trainings, death […]

Your Final Breath.

Why meditation is so hard. Do you remember the first time you tried to meditate?  Was it easy?  Or maybe you had a hard time understanding what exactly meditation was supposed to feel like in the first place. Nowadays, there are many ways you can meditate, from sitting in one place trying to clear your […]

Why You Can’t Meditate.

Watch the 2 videos below, and read the article below them to help breathe for depression.*if you’re looking for breathing for ANXIETY, click this link HERE. I’m not as afraid as I once was to admit I’m a warrior of depression and anxiety. I used to feel guilty for struggling with depression because I figured […]

Breathing For Depression.

Breathing techniques, Breathwork, Pranayama … many ways to say the same thing, right? Well, not really. At Breath Guidance, we define Pranayama as, “Life Extension.”  This is due to the traditional breakdown of the word itself as well as to the deep philosophy behind its effects. Pranayama differs from other breathing techniques because it aims […]

What Is Pranayama?

“Breathwork” vs. “breath work” Breathwork is very different from other modalities of breathing techniques that you’ll find in Pranayama or Freediving.  Breathwork takes a lot of work to continue breathing in particular patterns to reach the desired effects. Breathwork (as one word) is defined in the video below. Breath work (as two separate words) can […]

What Is Breathwork?

Did you know your thoracic diaphragm is the second largest muscle in your body? While many people are spending tons of time training their glutes, calves and abs, real strides in your performance capabilities and capacity for optimizing your health can be made by training this underappreciated muscle of breath. Checkout this 3-part video series […]

How To Train Your Diaphragm!

Your breath has the power to alter your blood pH, body temperature, immune response and directly affect your heart rate and blood pressure. Use the practice in the video below to lower your blood pressure in a natural, feel good kind of way! Comment below to ask any questions and share how it worked for […]

Breathing To Lower Blood Pressure.