Community Breath Practice and Breath Q+A

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Join us for a free, live, virtual Community Breath Practice and Breath Q+A! This is a wonderful way to breathe together as a world community and to open up the conversation around your breath. Community Breath Practice and Breath Q+A Mar 24, 2020 07:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) and Mar 31, 2020 07:30 PM Eastern Time (US and …

Breathing For Depression.

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I’m not as afraid as I once was to admit I’m a warrior of depression and anxiety. I used to feel guilty for struggling with depression because I figured only privileged people had the time and resources to be depressed.  I thought my weakness in my mental and emotional health was invalid because I technically had everything I needed to …

Breathing To Lower Blood Pressure.

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Your breath has the power to alter your blood pH, body temperature, immune response and directly affect your heart rate and blood pressure. Use the practice in the video below to lower your blood pressure in a natural, feel good kind of way! Comment below to ask any questions and share how it worked for you!

Why You Can’t Meditate.

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Why meditation is so hard. Do you remember the first time you tried to meditate?  Was it easy?  Or maybe you had a hard time understanding what exactly meditation was supposed to feel like in the first place. Nowadays, there are many ways you can meditate, from sitting in one place trying to clear your mind, to walking through a …

What Is Breathwork?

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“Breathwork” vs. “breath work” Breathwork is very different from other modalities of breathing techniques that you’ll find in Pranayama or Freediving.  Breathwork takes a lot of work to continue breathing in particular patterns to reach the desired effects. Breathwork (as one word) is defined in the video below. Breath work (as two separate words) can be used to described different …

What Is Pranayama?

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Breathing techniques, Breathwork, Pranayama … many ways to say the same thing, right? Well, not really. At Breath Guidance, we define Pranayama as, “Life Extension.”  This is due to the traditional breakdown of the word itself as well as to the deep philosophy behind its effects. Pranayama differs from other breathing techniques because it aims to target the gross and …

How To Train Your Diaphragm!

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Did you know your thoracic diaphragm is the second largest muscle in your body? While many people are spending tons of time training their glutes, calves and abs, real strides in your performance capabilities and capacity for optimizing your health can be made by training this underappreciated muscle of breath. Checkout this 3-part video series on how to strengthen, stretch …