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@ The Collective St. Pete
Donation Based

Breather Community

Weekly Event

Breather Community is half guided breathing techniques and half group discussion. The breath allows us to connect to ourselves whereas the discussion allows us to connect to each other. There's no expectation to share, feel free to come to just breathe and listen.  

EVERY MONDAY, 6pm @ The Collective St. Pete 

Breather Community - Donation Based

Saturday, December 9th
@ The Collective St. Pete


About the Event: Join Dani Mae for an adventure into your inner landscape in an evening of breathwork. As humans composed of matter and energy, we hold onto experiences and emotions in our physical and subtle bodies. The breath has been used for ages as a tool to breakthrough blockages and to shatter unhelpful paradigms and habits. Experience what transformation feels like when we invest the time it takes to tap into our subtler energetic bodies.

Come with an open mind as we use specific breathing patterns to break down our boundaries and realign our realities in a space held with Love and safety. Practice is performed mostly laying down while guided through variations of modern Breathwork and other breathing techniques to access the subconscious for clarity and experience an elevated state of mind. For your comfort, do not arrive with a full stomach.

Saturday, December 9th 6pm-8pm @ The Collective St. Pete

Breathwork Breakthrough - $55

Saturday, December 30th
@ The Collective St. Pete

Death Meditation

About the Event: Every living thing dies. This fact of life has been shrouded in mystery and labeled as taboo in much of westernized culture. In order to live a full life, we must embrace the reality of our life being finite.

Join Dani Mae in this Death Meditation to help dissolve your fear of death, prepare to die consciously and live fully.

By embracing the cyclical nature of existence, we may move more in sync within the seasons of our life and the world.

Practice is performed while seated and laying down. Expect breathing techniques, visualization, identity processing and discussion.

Saturday, December 30th 6:30pm-8pm @ The Collective St. Pete

Death Meditation - $44