Earn 20 CE's and learn 60+ breathing techniques to serve yourself and your patients.

CEUs for Nurses

Become a certified Breathwork and Pranayama Teacher in-person with individualized focus and attention.

Breath Teacher Certification 

Learn 60+ techniques to control your thoughts, feelings and energy, interactively online with lifetime access.

Breath Technique training

Living library of on-demand breath classes! Categorized for specific goals like to sleep or focus.

Breath Bank

Book personalized guidance with Dani Mae. Available for 1:1, groups, in-person and online. 

Private Sessions

Find an in-person class, workshop or event near you.

Live Events

There’s no better way to connect with yourself than through your breath and there’s no better way to connect with others than by breathing together.

Breather Community is a FREE space to join for breathers around the world to connect, learn and grow.

Bonus, you get even more access to special group areas when you join BTT, BTCert and the Breath Bank.

our meeting place to collaborate and connect.






A network of Breathers where you can...

Come connect with yourself, your breath and others in our FREE online community.

Join us to ask all of your breath related questions, share any tips or resources you have on breathing techniques and connect with people passionate about Breath Guidance.

Breather Community makes it easy to learn and grow, alongside beginner and advanced breathers just like you.

our very own meeting place to collaborate and connect.