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 The mind-body connection is a powerful tool for personal transformation. Every thought and feeling has an associated breathing pattern. Harness your breath to shift limiting beliefs, increase self-awareness, elevate your mood and access 
inner wisdom for greater clarity and purpose.


Your breath is intimately connected to your brain, nervous system and circulation, affecting everything from energy to cognitive function and stress levels. Explore how to optimize brain function, manage stress, enhance oxygen flow and increase focus and productivity.


Discover how your body interacts with breath and how proper breathing techniques achieve optimal respiratory function, physical health and unlock your body's full potential. Improve lung capacity, posture, core stability, overall movement patterns and increase your body awareness. 


is based on leading science, philosophy and expertise.

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I apply a wide range of breath philosophies to deliver comprehensive and effective training. My approach incorporates various methodologies, integrating the best of:

Someone you trust may have mentioned my name or sent you a video or article of mine. Maybe we met in a workshop or were introduced at a class. However you found me, I’m so stoked to share Breath Guidance with you!  

Your breath is a superpower and with the secrets of breathing techniques, you’ll unlock your greatest potentials and your life will change forever (seriously! Peek the Breather Testimonials.) I built Breath Guidance as the essential resource for students of breath education. If you want high caliber and expansive coverage of all things breath related, you've arrived at the right place.

and Breath Guidance is my baby.

Hiya! I’m Dani Mae

I didn't know when I started but breather community has changed my life! There are a lot of "breathwork" classes offered and I've tried many of them but BTT (and Breath Guidance) is actual science and practical information which allows for a much deeper understanding of breathing in a safe way to maximize the benefits and results. I've been able to pull from my breather toolbox and integrate the information into my life in a way that has deepened my meditation practice and overall sense of peace and joy. 


Dani's approach to breathing is accessible, fun and nourishing! Every session I feel and learn something new with my breath. Not only is the information within Breath Guidance always expanding but so is the community! Dani's ability to seamlessly guide anyone through a blissful breath journey is quite the gift to receive. Her dedication to sharing the power of breathing well has been a joyful journey to be a part of! THANK YOU for all of your guidance over the years! You are quite the gem of a human in my eyes <3


I've been taking classes with Dani Mae for 7 years and took her online Breath Technique Training in 2021 (and continue to take it with a lifetime membership!) She's amazing and truly is an 
expert in all things related to breath! I've learned over 60 breathing  techniques that have helped me manage my own mind and emotions, plus I've been able to share these gifts with others. Learning about the breath and using it to help manage anxiety and stress was/is a game changer and one of the best investments I've ever made! I highly recommend Dani Mae and her Breath Guidance.


Every student (or as I like to call them, “breather”) uses Breath Guidance for their own personal aims and finds unique success in applying breathing techniques to their lives.

Breather Testimonials

At Breath Guidance, we apply leading science, philosophy and expertise to help you harness the power of your breath.

Breath Guidance is the best breath teacher you've ever had and your breath is the simplest, yet strongest tool for natural optimization.

We want you to unlock your potential with the secret of breathing techniques.

The Ivy League of Breath Education

Master your breath with world class guidance.