Earn 20 CE's and learn 60+ breathing techniques to serve yourself and your patients.

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Become a certified Breathwork and Pranayama Teacher in-person with individualized focus and attention.

Breath Teacher Certification 

Learn 60+ techniques to control your thoughts, feelings and energy, interactively online with lifetime access.

Breath Technique training

Living library of on-demand breath classes! Categorized for specific goals like to sleep or focus.

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Book personalized guidance with Dani Mae. Available for 1:1, groups, in-person and online. 

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Connect with your breath to master your life.

Breath Technique Training

What's the Investment?

How does BTT Work?

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Breath Technique Training teaches you 60+ unique breathing techniques in 6-weeks, all online. 

You’ll learn how to control your thoughts, feelings, energy and actions, all using your breath.  

Our comprehensive training gives you the tools and techniques  to alter your mindset, mood and body chemistry in specific and unique ways; helping you optimize your health, wellness and performance.

In short, BTT teaches you how to apply your breath to master your life.

Plus, you get lifetime access to all of the training material and can rejoin BTT every Spring and Fall, for free.  

What is Breath Technique Training (BTT)?

Are you using them to their highest potential?

You take 20,000+ Breaths a Day

Peek inside the Training

Plus there’s a ton of Bonus content to enjoy after you complete BTT, like an in-depth manual, free month of membership to the Breath Bank, Q+A Vault entry and lifetime access to BTT!

Module-based Lessons


Informative Illustrations

Community Connection

Live Guidance Q&A with Dani Mae

Educational text

Guided Audio Practices

Video Summaries

This interactive training applies multiple teaching methods, and is packed with:

Breath Technique Training consists of 4 core Modules, each with 3 Lessons that guide you, step-by-step, in understanding how to master your breath. 
Every Module expands onto the next, guiding you through the necessary building blocks to comprehend the theory behind each technique as well as the practical skills to put the techniques into practice.  

Welcome, Breather!

And Here's How It Works...

That's Why We Built BTT

It's ok, most people aren't

Anyone Genuinely Interested in Bettering Themselves and Others

Coaches & Trainers

Health Professionals



Individuals in Respiratory Distress

Yoga Teachers


But we see stellar results for...

BTT Works for Everyone

Yup. As a matter of fact, we think it'll change your life.

You breath has the ability to shift your entire state of being, both immediately and permanently. No matter who you are, as long as you’re breathing, BTT shows you how to take control of your thoughts, feelings, actions and energy.  

As you establish a better connection with your breath, you’ll begin to connect more with your entire life as well as everyone and everything in it.

 "This Sounds Great, But Will BTT Work for Me?"

Let Us Guess, You're Thinking...

yet you likely overlook and under-appreciate its potential power.

Breathing is your primary sign of life

Our teachings pull from a wide range of methodologies including: pranayama, breathwork, freediving, respiratory therapy, sports performance, and mental/emotional support

We teach the anatomy, physiology, psychology and energetic philosophies behind all of our breathing techniques.

BTT guides you through multiple approaches to breath control, integrating them into one comprehensive training that you can utilize in any situation.

Training Highlights

The most comprehensive breath training that exists.

Breath Technique Training

That's why we created

Become a breather for life! Once you take BTT, you can access it on-demand AND retake future LIVE seasons, for free, forever.

Lifetime Access

Get access to Q+A sessions from ALL past BTT seasons! Priceless knowledge about your breath.

Q+A Vault

Enjoy a variety of 80+ on-demand classes, creatively sequenced using the techniques from training.

Breath Bank

One Month of Access to

A one of a kind manual defining and applying all of the techniques in training.

BTT Manual

Become part of the private growing community of breathers who live and breathe BTT!


Connect LIVE in 6 zoom sessions with Dani Mae and other breathers to ask your questions.

Live Q+As

Plus, So Many Bonuses...

Identify energetic points affected by breath and refine your breath awareness.

Access your subconscious and develop skills for deeper healing.

Shift your body temperature, filter the air and exercise better decision making. 

Navigate life with your breath.

Module Four - Discovery

Investigate your nasal cycle and clear your paranasal sinuses.

Generate energy, cultivate more devotion and create harmony throughout your systems. 

Clear physical and energetic blockages, increase circulation and direct your desires.

Express and explore your identity.

Module Three - Purpose

Discover the best breathing techniques for the most common complaints and ideal daily practices. 

Develop ability to hold your breath and explore its relationship to your blood chemistry.

Identify and train your vocal diaphragm as well as extend your respiratory rates.

Master your nervous system.

Module Two - Work

Uncover the connections between your memory, your emotions and your breath.

Understand your lung capacities and how to properly access them.

Identify, isolate and train your primary and accessory respiratory muscles.

Develop effective breathing mechanics.

Module one - Basics

Four Education Packed Modules And So much More

BTT Curriculum

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Are you ready to embark on this incredible journey? Join BTT and unlock the power of your breath today!

The Next Round Starts October 1st


Get it All For Only

Breath Technique Training is taught by Dani Mae, the founder of Breath Guidance. Dani created BTT as a way to make the world a better place. She believes the more people connect with their breath, the more peace they'll feel and therefore the better they'll treat themselves, others and the environment.

Dani specializes in Pranayama, Breathwork, Freediving, Respiratory Therapy, Sports Performance as well as breathing mechanics optimization and techniques to enhance mental wellness, emotional healing and energetic enhancement.

She's traveled all over the globe to explore every breathing philosophy and science she could find and to learn from the best experts in their field.

She finds joy in sharing BTT as well as certifying breath guides in her Breath Teacher Certification. She Loves seeing the immediate and long lasting effects breathing techniques have on people's lives. 

Who Teaches BTT?

I knew how to breathe before this class, now I really know how to appreciate the benefits of breathing by mastering certain techniques which bring well-being, energy, calm and all kinds of sensations which are amplified.
By realizing this, I can also transmit to my freediving students more things and give them more potential in freediving. Thank you Dani.

Edouard, Freedive Instructor

Rather than say "I found Breath Technique Training and it changed my life" I would like to state "BTT found me, and has shifted the fabric and frequency of my entire life both personally and professionally."
BTT found me during the beginning of my entrepreneurial debut at the beginning of the pandemic, and it has allowed me the freedom to explore the truth and foundational essence of my life's purpose. BTT is not simply an amazing tool for one's professional work, but allows the participant to own and refine their most authentic expression to connect their purpose through to the larger audience of the world at large. 

 -Rev. Heather Elizabeth, Health Coach

I could not be happier with the Breath Technique Training program created by Dani Mae. She has developed a robust, accessible, and fun program to make anyone a better, more conscious breather. I use the techniques learned in this program on a daily basis and share the practice of them with students in my yoga classes. Dani Mae is a pillar of the St Pete community and I am honored to call her my teacher and friend.

- Madisson, Yoga Teacher

Breath guidance changed my life. I am forever grateful that my path led me to Dani. Taking her training has truly transformed my practice in anesthesia and my practice with self love and mindfulness. Thank you for the gift of breath guidance, BTT, cert, all of it. Every program you offer is magic. The breath is everything and I am eternally in appreciation for Dani’s work.

Lauren, Nurse Anesthetist 

I feel so incredibly blessed and grateful for Dani Mae and Breath Guidance. She is a true scholar of the breath and has put her heart and soul into these teachings and offerings. I have experienced Breath Technique Training (at least three times!) and each time is thoughtfully created and presented so that it's accessible for all levels and you'll never experience the same class twice. Practitioners will feel supported and encouraged to explore their relationship with their breath and different sensations the techniques may bring up in their body, mind, and soul. BTT can and will change your life. I look forward to continuing to learn from Dani and I truly think she is making the world a better place, one breath at a time!

Hannah, Pediatric Physician

BTT is a comprehensive introduction into the world of pranayama with modern respiratory science to create something truly special. As a 
registered nurse and certified yoga instructor, I appreciate Dani’s approach because it incorporates both science and philosophy. The breath
 practices really made this training something special and I was able to find areas of great energetic movement in areas of stagnation. Dani gave me the knowledge I needed then provided great guidance as I experienced the wonders of breath within my own lungs. This training opened areas of myself I had yet to explore and I learned things about my body I wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. A must try for all breathers! Because of this training 
I'm ready to learn and grow as a lifelong breather!

Amy, Nurse + Yoga Teacher

BTT Breather Testimonials


Live Q+As take place on Zoom on Tuesdays @ 6pm, but don't worry if you can't make them live!  Send your questions in beforehand and Dani will answer them on the call, so you can watch the replay at your convenience.

Q+A Schedule:

Tuesday October 1st @ 6pm
Tuesday October 8th @ 6pm
Tuesday October 15th @ 6pm
Tuesday October 29th @ 6pm
Tuesday November 5th @ 6pm
Tuesday November 12th @ 6pm

No worries, you have lifetime access to BTT! So there's no "behind" in BTT. Move at your own pace and rejoin the new live sessions every Spring and Fall.

BTT is ALL online!  So you never have to worry about travel, missing work or rescheduling any of life's responsibilities.

Even though it's all online, many students become friends and connect outside of training, and so many breathers go on to attend BTCert and continue to grow together!

Yes, you can earn 20 CE's as a nurse professional.  You'll be required to pass all of the Module quizzes + a final quiz.

Not yet! In order to earn your Breath Teacher Certification, you'll need to apply to BTCert HERE.

Yes, BTT is good for 20 hours of Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credit through the Subject Matter Expert pathway.

Refunds are available up until the start of BTT, but due to the expansive nature of online content in BTT, once training begins no refunds are offered. BTT is for serious students only. We put an extraordinary amount of time and effort into this training, and you have lifetime access to all material. 

Learn how to control your thoughts, feelings, energy and actions, all using your breath.  

In Breath Technique Training, you'll learn 60+ unique breathing techniques in 6-weeks, all online. 

Our comprehensive training helps you optimize your health, wellness and performance by giving you tools and techniques to alter your mindset, mood and body chemistry in specific and unique ways.

Connect with your breath to master your life.

Breath Technique Training

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Are you ready to embark on this incredible journey? Join BTT and unlock the power of your breath today!

The Next Round Starts October 1st


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