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About Breath Guidance

You've arrived at the right place if you want to understand your breath at the highest level.

With leading science, philosophy and expertise, we help you harness the power of your breath and connect intimately to it.  By learning how to apply your breath, you become better.

Breath Guidance is the best breath teacher you've ever had and your breath is the simplest, yet strongest tool for natural optimization.

We want you to unlock your potential with the secret of breathing techniques.

+ Dani Mae

Breath Guidance

All about

of each technique.





All while focusing on the 

Emotional Support

Sports Performance

Respiratory Therapy




Every breathing technique has a time and place it’s best suited for and we want you to be prepared for any situation.

We deliver comprehensive and effective training by teaching breathing techniques from 6 styles:

Rather than subscribing to a single school of thought, we incorporate various methodologies to cover the spectrum of breath.

‣ Asthma Relief
‣ Addiction Relief
‣ Digestive support


‣ Running
‣ Breath holding
‣ Alpine acclimation


‣ Relationships
‣ Vocal toning
‣ Community 


‣ Focus
‣ Grounding
‣ Centering


‣ Depression Relief
‣ Weight loss
‣ Dynamic Form


‣ Anxiety Relief
‣ Sleep
‣ Stress Relief


We organize our breathing techniques into 6 categories:

Fitness and food are mainstays of modern wellness, but your breath is overlooked and under appreciated.

You can survive weeks without food, days without sleep or water but you can’t last more than a few minutes without breath.

So why aren’t you focusing on something you’re doing every second of the day in order to survive, and thrive?

Your breath affects your body chemistry in specific and unique ways, and there are thousands of ways you can breathe to shift into your desired state.

Every breath you take influences your thoughts, feelings and energy.  

Your breath is a superpower.

My heart and soul knew there had to be an easier way to share the wide expanse of breath. I wanted people to have access to one place where all of the styles and theories on breathing techniques could be learned.

And that's how Breath Guidance was born.  

If there's one thing I want you to know about me, it's that I care and I want you to know Breath Guidance will make you proud.  
I truly believe a better relationship with your breath will make you a better person, and better people make a better planet. While everything will die, including Earth, I desperately want to live in and contribute to a world that's as healthy and as happy for as long as possible.  

We're stewards of this planet and the gift I know how to give is to offer guidance on how to breathe and how breath intimately connects you to your purest self.

Breathing techniques came into my life through a few avenues at once, including sports performance for running, breath-holding for freediving, ratio rhythms for anxiety relief and pranayama from yoga and meditation. It didn't happen all at once, but I had been urged to try breathing techniques from so many people, for so many things, that I finally gave in and really sat with some breath practices. 

As cliche as it sounds,
they truly changed my life.

Without that shift of awareness of how powerful my breath was and without the effort I put into building a relationship with my breath, I wouldn't be half the woman I am today.

I became obsessed with all things breath related and began to scour the globe for any resource and teacher I could find.  

I wanted to learn everything there was about breath, but what I found was that it wasn't that easy. Back then, breathing techniques weren't mainstream. Not many people were into them and those who were usually only taught one style or technique. It took me years to gather up the best science, philosophy and practices I could find on every technique and theory out there.  

I was determined and devoted to uncover as much as possible. Eventually, my relationship with and understanding of my breath became so pivotal to who I was and how I lived, that I knew I had a responsibility to share its power with the world. I saw and felt how significantly it changed me for the better, that it had to have the potential to do the same for others.  

I was also frustrated with how much money, travel and investigation I had to go through to find all the different methodologies and approaches to breath work.

The Breath Guidance story begins as many stories begin - with struggle.

While each human suffers their own maladies, our feelings about those experiences run the same pathways, like fear, joy, uncertainty, pleasure, pain and satisfaction.  

My circumstances in life led me from a childhood of neglect to an adolescence of truancy. In my early twenties I started to have social anxiety and then shortly after, my Dad died which sent me into a deep depression. I used sports like running, climbing and freediving to find solace and turned to yoga and marijuana as ways to self-medicate.  

Even though I was finding both healthy and less-healthy coping mechanisms for the realities of life, I oftentimes felt aimless and unfulfilled.

And it's founder, Dani Mae

The Breath Guidance Story

BTT gives you the foundation.

Breath is the missing Pillar of health