Earn 20 CE's and learn 60+ breathing techniques to serve yourself and your patients.

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Become a certified Breathwork and Pranayama Teacher in-person with individualized focus and attention.

Breath Teacher Certification 

Learn 60+ techniques to control your thoughts, feelings and energy, interactively online with lifetime access.

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Living library of on-demand breath classes! Categorized for specific goals like to sleep or focus.

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Book personalized guidance with Dani Mae. Available for 1:1, groups, in-person and online. 

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Breath TeAcher Certification

What's the Investment?

How does BTCert Work?

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Breath Teacher Certification transforms you into a highly skilled and knowledgeable breath teacher, profoundly set apart from your average facilitator.  

You’ll gain experience teaching Breathwork and Pranayama to groups as well as perform advanced breath assessments on a wide range of clients.

Whether you plan to teach in a yoga studio, hospital, counseling office, playing field, corporate office or over video, BTCert is the best Certification to prepare you with a progressive ability to handle various demands of breath interests and needs.  

What is Breath Teacher Certification (BTCert)?

Your breath is the software. BTCert is the manual.

Your body is the hardware,

Peek inside the Training   

Be advised: BTCert is a high level Certification, more like a college course in breath. There is an in-depth exam at the end of Certification that you must pass in order to receive Certification. What sets Breath Guidance’s BTCert apart, is that you can retake your exam at any time and you get lifetime access to shadow future classes of BTCert, for free. You must either have finished BTT or be currently enrolled in BTT in order to apply for BTCert. If you haven't taken BTT yet, do that first. Learn more about BTT here.

Breath Teacher Certification immerses you in 8-full weeks of breath theory, science, teaching labs, practice and personal breakthroughs.

You’ll gain advanced understanding of oxygen physiology, pranic philosophy and teaching methods in order to feel confident and capable of guiding various breathing techniques to an abundance of different students.

Expect to teach 5 breath classes including Group Breathwork, Group Pranayama, 1:1 Breathwork, a 1:1 Breath Assessment and a Virtual class.

The 80-hours of virtual BTCert builds upon your experience of the online BTT. While BTT taught you much of the anatomy, psychology and application of many breathing techniques, BTCert teaches you how to teach and how to guide specific techniques. 

How does BTCert work?

Yes, if you’re serious about becoming one of the best breath teachers there is.

BTCert is for dedicated students who want to become remarkable teachers. If you’re willing to devote yourself to being present, practicing and pursuing a deep level of breath education, you’ll excel at your Certification and teaching/guidance.

But Will BTCert work for me?

it sounds so good...

BTCert gives you the power to correct that.

80% of People Breath in Dysfunction



Review Q+A


Teaching Labs


Advanced Practice


Teaching Theory


Breath Science


Take a deep dive into the philosophy, terminology, history and theoretical applications of Pranayama and the many styles Breathwork.

Breath Theory


October 5th-November 30th, 2024


Get ready to transform yourself and others.

Breath Teacher Certification

Take a peek inside

Learn exactly what's happening in your body during different breathing techniques, like acidosis vs. alkalosis and how your oxygen dissociation curve shifts.

Practicing breathing techniques and teaching them are two completely different skill sets!   Learn what it takes to be an effective and competent breath teacher.

Explore advanced techniques like bandhas, mudras and high-level breath control practices to expand your own breath skills (because the best students make the best teachers!)

Practice teaching! You're required to teach 5 breath sessions in different formats, including: a 1:1 breath assessment, 1:1 breathwork, group pranayama, group breathwork and a virtual lab.

Set up for success with a full overview of the concepts, skills and practices you've learned thus far in BTCert but also what you learned in BTT! Ask all your questions to prepare for your exam.

At the end of any creditable course or respectable certification, you must pass an examination to prove your efficacy of the skills and knowledge needed to perform at a high level. We understand success takes time and repetition so you can retake certification for free, for life. 

Success takes time and repetition, so you're welcome to rejoin BTCert to shadow future Certifications for free, for life.

Lifetime Access

Connect deeply with your fellow breathers who will be going through Certification alongside you.


An in-depth manual expanding on the concepts and skills you'll learn throughout Certification.

BTCert Manual


Availability + Boundaries

Body Maps






Guiding Patterns

Duration + Frequency

Types of Sessions

Moving Energy





Oxygen Dissociation Curve

Bohr Effect

Acidosis vs. Alkalosis


Boyle's Law

ATP + Byproduct

8 full weeks of advanced science and practice.

BTCert Curriculum

And so much more...

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Twelve Easy Payments of $397

Payment Plan

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One Easy Payment of $3,997

Pay in Full

Are you ready to embark on this incredible journey? Join BTCert and unlock the power of your breath today!

Next Round: Oct 5th-Nov 30th 2024

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Breath Teacher Certification is taught by Dani Mae, the founder of Breath Guidance. Dani created BTCert as a way to spread the power of breathing techniques as far as possible. She knew one person could never reach everyone but training and certifying more breath teachers would carry the magic of Breath Guidance farther.

Every teacher has their own unique guidance to offer and each student learns in their own way. Through the tentacles of each breath guide, the beauty of breath touches individuals in ways and with people that resonate with them most.  

Dani fosters the differences that make her students special, so they become the best teacher to both themselves and their ideal students. Rather than trying to make carbon copies of her own guidance, Dani Loves fostering the growth and purpose that thrives when her students find their own voice and passions making Breath Guidance their own.

Who Teaches BTCert?

BTCert Breather Testimonials

Breath teacher certification is one of the best trainings I have ever taken. Whether you intend to teach or simply deepen your practice, this course is absolutely worth it. Dani and this course she created, is pure magic and everyday I recognize I have all the tools I need to be and spread the light. So grateful for this experience forever and always. Thank you Dani, you changed my life <3

- Lauren, Nurse

Dani Mae is an amazing and highly experienced pranayama teacher! Each time we've worked together, Dani brought such insight into each breathing practice and made the techniques feel approachable for all students. I greatly appreciate Dani's depth of knowledge, her professionalism and her ability to connect with students. I can't recommend her classes enough.

- Allie, Yoga entrepreneur 

My gratitude for the opportunity to participate in BTCert is huge! It was an incredible experience that has had a profound impact on me both personally and professionally. I was able to deepen my understanding and practice of pranayama and breathwork. The techniques and knowledge that I gained enrich my own personal practice, as well as my teaching. I am grateful for the guidance and support of Dani who shared her wisdom and expertise with us.

-Chemen, pianist

Dani not only expanded my knowledge of breath, but my own capacity has dramatically expanded. I’ve also witnessed it expand the potential of other students of hers. We’ve all had varied goals: emotional regulation, athletic performance, healing from illness, free diving, etc, and I’ve experienced seeing all of us grow and expand our capacities.

If you are considering working with Dani, you are in devoted and experienced hands.
I’m very grateful for Dani in all she has facilitated, and it ripples in my life beyond even my conscious awareness.

- Katie, Health Coach

Dani Mae is a wonderful, compassionate, remarkably knowledgable facilitator. If you're in looking to begin breath-work or take it to the next level, I highly encourage you to take that journey with Dani. You won't regret it!

- Joshua, musician 

As a yoga teacher and high school teacher, I seek high quality mentors for my learning and personal growth. Dani Mae's knowledge and teaching skills exceeded all of my expectations. She creates an environment that maximizes learning and self exploration. I’ve had many 
personal breakthroughs implementing the techniques and I'm experiencing better physical health plus I've expanded mentally, emotionally, and 
spiritually. The skills I acquired are valuable tools I can use in my 
everyday life and I'm so fortunate this training has been a part of my journey!

- Casey, High School and Yoga Teacher


October 5th-November 30th, 2024 weekends on Zoom
Saturdays + Sundays 12pm-3pm

No. BTT a prerequisite to BTCert. BTT has the necessary information every breath teacher needs to know and understand in order to teach. BTT teaches you the techniques where BTCert teaches you how to teach them.  

Breath Guidance alternates its Certifications each year between in-person and virtually.  If you don't see your preferred format being offered this year, there's a good chance that the next Certification will be in the other format. 

Online with on-demand videos and via Zoom with LIVE Virtual sessions.  You're also required to send in recorded teaching labs, that you'll record at your place of preference. 

Yes. Every student must successfully pass their exam to become a Certified Breath Teacher. If you don't pass, you'll be able to re-take your exam at your convenience.

Breathwork and Pranayama are the primary pillars of certification. You'll also be equipped to perform personal breath assessments, which include measuring your client's/patient's breathing mechanics, CO2 tolerance, heart rate, O2 saturation and mental capacity/approach.

No. Most breathwork facilitators learn a single style/technique whereas BTCert teaches you MANY. BTCert offers more science, philosophy and teaching theory than other certifications and you get more individual focus on your unique craft and interests. Most certifications don't require you to pass an extensive exam but BTCert does. Also, no other certification we know of gives you LIFETIME access to come back to future trainings.

BTCert is intensive and packed with tons of training. You're expected to be present for the LIVE Zoom sessions, complete the scheduled practices and lectures, and turn-in your teaching labs on-time. There will be no make-up days but everything is recorded and you can always attend future BTCerts.

No. BTCert is a high level certification and a lot of value goes into training. We only accept a small number of applicants to keep training intimate and highly valuable to each student so they get a ton of individual focus. BTCert is for serious students only, so you should not apply if you're unsure.

We only accept 10 students max in order to provide enough individual focus per trainee.

Please apply again next season! BTCert is highly competitive due to its caliber of certification and small group size.  

Yes, but you MUST be currently enrolled in BTT and plan to finish it on time. BTCert builds on BTT, so you'll need the knowledge of BTT to comprehend the information in BTCert.

BTCert will provide you more value, skill and knowledge to continue to serve your breathers. BTCert isn't like other trainings, so you're guaranteed to learn a lot about advanced breath science, philosophy, teaching theory and ability. Plus, we Love having experienced breathers in training, as we're all always students and teachers to each other.

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Are you ready to take your training to the next level?

Breath Teacher Certification transforms you into a highly skilled and knowledgeable breath teacher, profoundly set apart from your average facilitator.  

You’ll gain experience teaching Breathwork and Pranayama to groups as well as perform advanced breath assessments on a wide range of clients.

BTCert is the best Certification to prepare you with a progressive ability to handle various demands of breath interests and needs.  

Share the power of breath

Breath TeAcher Certification

Apply Now!

Twelve Easy Payments of $397

Payment Plan

Apply Now!

One Easy Payment of $3,997

Pay in Full

Are you ready to embark on this incredible journey? Join BTCert and unlock the power of your breath today!

Next Round: Oct 5th-Nov 30th 2024

Let's Do This!

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