Why You Can’t Meditate.

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Why meditation is so hard.

Do you remember the first time you tried to meditate? 

Was it easy?  Or maybe you had a hard time understanding what exactly meditation was supposed to feel like in the first place.

Nowadays, there are many ways you can meditate, from sitting in one place trying to clear your mind, to walking through a labirynth, all the way to working out and other active states.

But once you’ve reached a truly meditative state, you know it’s pure magic.

The trouble is, how do you get there? 
And once you get there, how can you stay there?

Here’s the thing.  People like to take shortcuts.  Most of us would rather take the quick fix than have to put in the arduous work it takes to attain a mindful and sustainable meditation practice and state.

Most people can’t meditate because they’re trying to take the shortcut.

Deep and lasting meditation comes from a build up of foundational practices.  Just like a strong body or mind aren’t built overnight.

One of those being Pranayama.
If you didn’t catch our post, What Is Pranayama?
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In traditional styles of yoga, asana (physical postures) prepares your body for pranayama (breathing practices) and pranayama prepares the mind for meditation.  Finally, meditation prepares your spirit (soul, energy, whatever you like to call the magic of the human essesnce) for liberation/moksha/nirvana.

So, if you want to know what all the fuss is about on meditation, you have to first master pranayama.  Learn how in the video below and if you really want to dive deep into breathing, checkout our Breath Technique Training to learn over 60 different breathing techniques!

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  1. Dani Mae, you are so well spoken and explain everything so clearly. Your instructions are magnificent. I always feel so inspired and full of enthusiasm after watching your videos.

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