Breathing For Depression.

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I’m not as afraid as I once was to admit I’m a warrior of depression and anxiety.

I used to feel guilty for struggling with depression because I figured only privileged people had the time and resources to be depressed.  I thought my weakness in my mental and emotional health was invalid because I technically had everything I needed to flourish in life. 

I’ve since learned a lot about the workings of the mind and hormones which influence the way we as humans think and feel. 

Once the curtain has courageously been pulled back enough to acknowledge the struggle of headspace and heartspace, you can address it fully and compassionately.  No matter who you are.

If you or anyone you know has been battling with the reality of depression, please try the technique in the video below. Help is available, so reach out.

If you want to learn 60 different breathing techniques to truly optimize your wellness, checkout our Breath Technique Training.

I sincerely hope the conversation around mental health can be open, honest and kind.  This way we may create the space for us as a species to survive the battlefields within us.

Thank You for doing the work to breathe your best life ❣️

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