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Hiya, I'm Dani Mae, a world renowned breath expert and creator of Breath Guidance. I believe that learning how to utilize your breath can change your life in the best possible ways.


  1. Michael Stewart says:

    “In a way “for “I’m away”
    “Fingers “for fibers
    Darn auto spell!

  2. Michael Stewart says:

    With a deviated left septum, I found a way to practice Chandra Bedana I’m away that allows a bit better flow and also allows access to the calming qualities associated with left nostril patterns. I take one of my other fibers to the loose kin of the cheek and gently push it away from the nostril/ away from the midline. This very easily allows the free flow of air to enter without impingement and becomes more natural feeling, with out anxiety🥰

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