What Is Pranayama?

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Breathing techniques, Breathwork, Pranayama … many ways to say the same thing, right?

Well, not really.

At Breath Guidance, we define Pranayama as, “Life Extension.”  This is due to the traditional breakdown of the word itself as well as to the deep philosophy behind its effects.

Pranayama differs from other breathing techniques because it aims to target the gross and subtle energies of the human being, while also maintaining an approach that is foundational and sustainable.

Watch the video below to learn more about the theory, philosophy and practice of Pranayama, plus enjoy a unique pranayama practice at the end!

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  1. With a deviated left septum, I found a way to practice Chandra Bedana I’m away that allows a bit better flow and also allows access to the calming qualities associated with left nostril patterns. I take one of my other fibers to the loose kin of the cheek and gently push it away from the nostril/ away from the midline. This very easily allows the free flow of air to enter without impingement and becomes more natural feeling, with out anxiety🥰

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