What Is Breathwork?

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“Breathwork” vs. “breath work”

Breathwork is very different from other modalities of breathing techniques that you’ll find in Pranayama or Freediving.  Breathwork takes a lot of work to continue breathing in particular patterns to reach the desired effects.

Breathwork (as one word) is defined in the video below. Breath work (as two separate words) can be used to described different approaches to breath training. I personally prefer to only use “breath techniques” or “breath training” as opposed to “breath work” because it so often gets confused with “breathwork.”

Breathwork can give you incredible, phenomenal results but it isn’t for everybody, all the time.  It’s important to talk with an experienced Breathwork facilitator to find out if Breathwork would be good for you and what type of Breathwork would be best.

One of my mentors always likes to say, “Garbage in, garbage out!”

He’s referring to the raw materials of food you consume that make the building blocks of your physical body but also to the content you consume which influences your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

If you eat garbage food, your cellular structure will have flaws and if you constantly consume negative media and mindless entertainment, your quality of life won’t be able to optimize.

It takes serious work to build the life of your dreams.  There will always be mishaps, bad days and unforeseen hiccups you’ll have to face but you can’t let that stop you from working hard in the direction of the life you want to live.

Breathwork is one of the MOST powerful reset buttons I’ve ever experienced to propel you towards a better quality of life. 

Last Saturday I hosted a Breathwork Breakthrough experience at my home studio, The Collective St. Pete in FL.

One student said she felt like, in a non-sexual way, she had made Love to the entire universe.
A veteran expressed that he got the benefits of 10 years of therapy in 2 hours of breathing!
Many others were speechless over the magic they had just experienced.

My hope is that you’re able to find the exact types of breathing techniques that will serve you best, in the moments you need them the most!  Breath Guidance is being built to offer you all of the information you need to take full control and optimize the opportunities that your breath holds.

If you have any questions about whether Breathwork is for you or where you should start or even where you can find offerings, comment below and I’ll offer all the support I can!

If you want to learn 60 different breath techniques to optimize your mindset, emotions and behaviors, be sure to join Breath Technique Training!

Checkout the video below to learn more about the breakdown of breathwork.

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