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Breather Blog

Is Breathwork One Word? Is breath work two words? Breathwork or breath work? It depends. Learn exactly when to use Breathwork as one word and when to use breath work as two words. Want to learn more about breath? Join our Breath Technique Training where you’ll learn over 60 different breathing techniques. All online, lifetime […]

Is Breathwork One Word?

Here’s a video conversation on Death + Breath. Be sure to also read the article below the video. Many people are afraid of death and some say it’s the ultimate fear.  While in some cultures around the world, it’s revered as a liberating part of life. When I went deep into my Pranayama trainings, death […]

Your Final Breath.

Why meditation is so hard. Do you remember the first time you tried to meditate?  Was it easy?  Or maybe you had a hard time understanding what exactly meditation was supposed to feel like in the first place. Nowadays, there are many ways you can meditate, from sitting in one place trying to clear your […]

Why You Can’t Meditate.

Breathing techniques, Breathwork, Pranayama … many ways to say the same thing, right? Well, not really. At Breath Guidance, we define Pranayama as, “Life Extension.”  This is due to the traditional breakdown of the word itself as well as to the deep philosophy behind its effects. Pranayama differs from other breathing techniques because it aims […]

What Is Pranayama?

“Breathwork” vs. “breath work” Breathwork is very different from other modalities of breathing techniques that you’ll find in Pranayama or Freediving.  Breathwork takes a lot of work to continue breathing in particular patterns to reach the desired effects. Breathwork (as one word) is defined in the video below. Breath work (as two separate words) can […]

What Is Breathwork?