Earn CEs and learn 60+ breathing techniques to serve yourself and your patients.

CEUs for Nurses

Become a certified Breathwork and Pranayama Teacher in-person with individualized focus and attention.

Breath Teacher Certification 

Learn 60+ techniques to control your thoughts, feelings and energy, interactively online with lifetime access.

Breath Technique training

Living library of on-demand breath classes! Categorized for specific goals like to sleep or focus.

Breath Bank

Book personalized guidance with Dani Mae. Available for 1:1, groups, in-person and online. 

Private Sessions

Find an in-person class, workshop or event near you.

Live Events

Breather Community is a FREE space to join for breathers around the world to connect, learn and grow.

Breather Community

Access now!

Become aware of your breath in our FREE 7-day Breath Awareness Program.

Breath Awareness Program

Breath Technique Training teaches you 60+ unique breathing techniques in 6-weeks, all online. 

Breath Technique Training

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