Earn 20 CE's and learn 60+ breathing techniques to serve yourself and your patients.

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Become a certified Breathwork and Pranayama Teacher in-person with individualized focus and attention.

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Learn 60+ techniques to control your thoughts, feelings and energy, interactively online with lifetime access.

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Living library of on-demand breath classes! Categorized for specific goals like to sleep or focus.

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Book personalized guidance with Dani Mae. Available for 1:1, groups, in-person and online. 

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a space to talk about all things breath.

Breather Blog

Do something great and become a breath teacher! Watch the video below to listen in on a conversation between different breath teachers on how teaching the breath is changing their lives and bettering the lives of others. Apply for Breath Teacher Certification HERE.

Why You Should Become a Breath Teacher

Watch these videos to be guided through a wide range of different breathing techniques. Visit the Breath Guidance YouTube channel to learn more about your breath and the power it holds! Please like, share and SUBSCRIBE to help us share the beauty and potential of breath.

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