Welcome to your 7-day Breath Awareness Program!

I’m so glad you’ve come to explore the potential for health, happiness and healing that your breath can deliver. Your Breath Awareness Program will provide you with the tools necessary to build the base layer of your foundation on a successful path to mastering your breath.

The first step to any successful endeavor in life, is having enough awareness to take the first step. By taking this first step to mastering your breath, you’re making a powerful move towards mastering your life.

Maybe you’re already aware of the power your breath holds for optmizing your life or maybe you’re not yet convinced. Either way, I hope that with your Breath Awareness Program to guide you, you’ll discover just how powerful your breath really is.

To navigate this Program optimally, watch the daily video summary first, then read the corresponding text. Be mindful of any contraindications for the breathing techniques. To get the most out of this program, set yourself up in a quiet and comfortable place to perform your daily guided audio practice. This is where you’ll fully experience the breathing techniques as they hone your breath awareness.

If you want to train your breath and optimize your life, you must train your breath awareness. The most important aspect of honing your breath awareness is practice! The daily guided audio practices will lead you through each breathing technique so be sure to explore them in their entirety.

As you begin to bring more awareness to your breath, you’re training not only your breath awareness but you’re also training your mind to focus and your body to listen to what your brain is asking it to do.

Even though you breathe without thinking about it over 20,000 times per day, your breath is the doorway into your subconscious thoughts and unconscious behaviors. Because breathing is primarily involuntary, when you voluntarily choose to breathe in specific patterns, you strengthen the neural connections of intention to action.

I could preach all day about the benefits of breath, but you won’t believe me until you try them for yourself. So go ahead and head over to Day 1 to see for yourself.

If you have any questions throughout this weekly Breath Awareness Program or about your breath in general, feel free to connect with me at

Thank you and congratulations for making this decision to invest in your wellness by bringing awareness to your breath.