Welcome to your Prenatal Bonus!

The “Prenatal Breath Practice” was created to help each mother flow more mindfully through pregnancy. There are breathing exercises to help ease stress and anxiety, increase energy, help combat morning sickness and bring you the gift of presence and empowerment during birth and in the postpartum phase referred to as the Fourth Trimester.

This practice is broken into five sections. Sections one through three includes guided breath work specific for each trimester of pregnancy. They were designed to be practiced throughout your day, however, you may find one practice to be more beneficial to you at another time of the day. We encourage you to listen to your body and let it be your intuitive guide. Section four is guided breath work for each stage of labor which you can replay during your birth to guide you through. Section five is a bonus section that includes 3 breath exercises to help your mind and body during your postpartum recovery phase, or, the Fourth Trimester.

Let’s break down what pranayama means. Prana translates to life to life force and yama means to extend or draw out. So, we are essentially practicing a method in which to extend our life. We focus on other aspects of health during pregnancy like eating well, giving our body good sleep and beneficial exercise. We do all these things for the health of our body and all the benefits it has for our growing baby.

What if I told you one of the most important health practices you can weave into your pregnancy was the practice of honing your breath. The benefits a consistent breath practice has for you and your baby are abundant for your gestation period and while you’re birthing.

Increased oxygen helps every physiological function of your body; digestion, respiration, elimination, brain function, circulation and sleep patterns. It also helps you manage your stress by controlling and decreasing the release of cortisol in your body which has a direct impact on your developing baby.

When the big day comes and you are birthing your child into this world, you can rely solely on the power of your breath to get you through the labor and delivery process, should that be the road you choose to take.

From a simple anatomical standpoint, beginning a breath practice during your pregnancy will enable your lungs to function better especially as you reach the last trimester and your lungs have become squished by your growing uterus.

The picture below illustrates the female body before pregnancy and to full term. You can see how the lungs get displaced upward in your thoracic cavity. This is how the shortness of breath symptom that often accompanies the late stages of pregnancy comes to be. Your body is intelligent and respiration naturally becomes more efficient during this time, but, honing your breath to make it even efficient, will help you feel that much more confident and comfortable in the final days of your pregnancy.

IMAGE – pregnant vs non-pregnant